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The Union Township Education Association, working jointly with the Union Township Historical Society, is proud to announce that its Parsonage Project — A School  Day at the Parsonage — is a huge success.  On January 10th, there was a great crowd from Battle Hill School.  And on January 24th, Kawameeh Middle School families tripled the attendance!  In addition, we extend a warm thank you to our guest visitors Board of Education President, Ronnie McDowell, and State Senator, Joseph Cryan.
Our invitation to visit the Parsonage continues on February 7th for our Jefferson families and February 21st for our Livingston families.  Please, come visit.  Learn about Union during the Revolutionary War, hold a cannon ball, see all the historical machines in the barn and receive a gift from the Union Township Education Association.
Because of the pandemic, remember to make a reservation by calling 908-591-4377, so visitors can socially distance while exploring the Caldwell Parsonage on Caldwell Avenue.