Your Association

Association membership–local, state, and national–represents the chance to do more for public education and your students than you could ever do alone. When you join your local association, you are joining together with nearly 175,000 people across this state who have different ideas, opinions, and interests, but who all care about public education.   NJEA is a statewide leader in professional development opportunities, education reform efforts and other work to advance the cause of public education and public school employees.  Your local membership also makes you a member of the New Jersey Education Association and the National Education Association. With nearly 175,000 members, NJEA is the state’s largest public employee labor organization and its loudest voice for public schools. The NEA has more than 2.5 million members and is the largest organization in the world dedicated to public education and  education employees

People join their Association for many reasons

We become better educators.

  • Members have access at the local, state, and national levels to professional development classes and publications.
  • Members are connected to their colleagues through local activities, state and national conferences, online resources, publications, and countless other sources. 
  • Members have access to leadership and advocacy training.

We help our students and public education

  • We bargain locally to enhance employee quality, working conditions and to address instructional issues such as class size and time to teach.
  • We lobby the state Legislature and the U.S. Congress for quality education for all children.  
  • We’re involved in textbook and curriculum committees locally, as well as professional standards boards and education reform panels at the state and national levels. 

We have protection for our legal and contractual rights.

  • We work at the local and state levels to enhance working conditions and salary, and to work on other relevant issues.  
  • We work to protect you from being treated unfairly or arbitrarily.  
  • NEA membership provides a $1 million employment liability insurance.

 We have a great collective voice.

Together we can do more than we can individually. Together we can send a united
message to advocate for students and public education. Together we can influence the
organization, the profession and the people who make education decisions