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Friday, June 18th was a great night to celebrate reading.  The Union Township Education Association (UTEA) sponsored the event.  Elementary students from the public schools were invited to Union High School to celebrate reading.  Each participant was given a tote that had a book from Here’s the Story geared for their reading level as well as snacks. Families were invited and everyone enjoyed pizza from Cioffi’s. Members of the high school athletic teams as well as members of the book club were on hand to read stories to the young ones, help with the arts and crafts, and run the relay races. 

The Union Township Public Library was there to support this event as well with their raffle wheel, which was very popular, and had a long line all night long.

Board of Education President Ronnie McDowell attended the event as well as Union President Ann Margaret Shannon. Many parents thanked the organizers, Lisa Krauze – UHS Librarian and Suzanne Whitley – UHS Social Studies teacher, for putting this event together.  They agreed it was a great community builder and hope that next year’s can be even bigger. 

Look for the UTEA summer book giveaway, coming soon. Totes, summer reading books, and snacks will be provided and can be picked up at both library branches. Stay tuned to TAP into Union or the Union Public Library web page for details.

All Union residents are encouraged to continue the fun by joining the summer reading program, Tails & Tales at the Union Public Library. UPL will be offering prizes for children and adults, and host an End of Summer Ice Cream Party. Don’t miss out!