We need leadership we can trust, leadership that has Union Township’s students and school community as their priority. Assistant Superintendent Benaquista has been with our district for more than 20 years and has seen us through the worst of the pandemic so far. He knows us and he knows what makes our students successful. He should be hired as interim-superintendent.

Please take a moment today to email the Union Township Board of Education, Union County Superintendent, Senator Cryan, and Union Township municipal leadership and demand better for Union, demand Benaquista!

Urge them to make a decision that puts Union students and school community first. If they hire someone who the board of education already forced out, someone who mismanaged district’s finances, and who neglected students’ needs, we won’t have a district left to be proud of.

We need Assistant Superintendent Benaquista as our chief leader. He cares and he makes sure where it matters most, our students count. Nothing matters more than the success of our students, our staff and our community. Our board of education should take the lead in helping to ensure our success by hiring Gerry Benaquista as interim-superintendent.

In solidarity,

Union Township Education Association